What is Corona Cross?

Corona Cross is a symbol of distinction for those called to the gospel ministry. The unique symbol has been modified to identify each office of the “Five-Fold Ministry.” This symbol is used for personalizing and embellishing articles of ministry. The original design was specifically intended for ministers called to an office of the five-fold ministry, i.e., Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist, however, it has grown to be appreciated by all ordained ministers, and not limited to the “Five Fold.”

Place it on anything that defines your role in ministry. Wear it on your shirt, place it on your bible, hand cloth, clergy attire, luggage. Whether it is a set or separate article, this symbol complements any and all styles of those in ministry. Choose from conservative colors as black and white, or vibrant reds and purples.

This page illustrates the symbol on a sports towel. The sports towel is used by those who are illustrative in their delivery of the Word and expend a lot of energy in that demonstration. When a plain handkerchief won’t do, a sports towel is simple and functional. Personalize yours with your title and name.

Use it plain or choose from additional accessories such as beaded trim, lace trim, feather trim, or fur trim. We are constantly working with the leading manufacturers to see that our colors match the latest trends and styles and are expanding each day to define a line of distinction specifically for those in ministry.

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